Twitter Continues To Grow In Terms Of User Base

With over 320 million users and an engagement rate that would shy away even Facebook, Twitter has still to go a long way to reach break even. According to the latest earnings reporting by the micro-blogging site, its user growth has shown signs of slowing down. The announcement of the quarterly earnings also led to its stocks falling in the double digit. Still Twitter continues to hold up with some growth.
Twitter’s Revenue Figures
Twitter may not have achieved its predicted revenue figures, but it has certainly beat widespread expectations during the quarter. It generated $569 million in revenue, but it was much less than what it made last year in the same period. At the same time its user base grew by 4 million, which was less than expectations. Despite the figures not reaching expectations, Twitter has seen decent volume of social marketing campaigns in Sydney.
Twitter’s user base has grown at a rate of 11% over the previous year. During this period, it brought about several product changes while also entering into a number of partnerships. The collaborations, including social marketing campaigns, are still active and the social site claims that they will start showing results in a short time.
Twitter Deals
Google has entered in to a number of deals and it has been expected that they could help drive big results in the near future. One such example was its search deal with Google. The company also launched a new feature known as Moments. It involves human-level curation of videos and tweets related to live events. It will make it even easier to find the content. Moments also have its own ad feature and it is expected to help the site in building its user count. Visit this link if you are looking for senior marketing consultant.

The only place that the micro-blogging site has seemed to show slow growth is its user count. If the company’s management is to be believed, it is still working out on strategies on how to reach the mass audience, like Facebook.
Twitters Marketing Approach
One of the key developments at Twitter has been its improving ease of usage. The site has been making continuous effort to make it easier for its users to use it. The company has also increased its investment in marketing. This includes both TV commercials and web-based ads. Facebook too has had been busy in the near past with its online ads.
According to Twitter, the embedded tweets feature has already crossed the 1 billion viewer mark. But the company is looking forward for ways to monetize that large number. At the same time its non-signed-in user count has shown a staggering increase. It is another avenue the social site has to capitalize on with a revamped advertising program.